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(2016. 8. 5) See Man Fly in 360°: Dunking with Sir Issac White

                        See Man Fly in 360°

2016. 8. 5.
See Man Fly in 360°: Dunking with Sir Issac White

Sir Issac White is a professional dunker in Texas. He’s 5’10” but his passion for basketball is huge. 
This video, narrated by Issac White, will make you feel as if you are with him.

이삭 화이트는 텍사스 휴스턴의 프로페셔널 덩커입니다. 그의 키는 178cm로 농구선수 치고 작은 편이지만 농구를 향한 그의 열정은 결코 작다고 할 수 없습니다.  이삭 화이트가  나레이션하며 실제로 이삭 화이트와 함께 있는듯한 착각을 불러 일으킬 만큼 현장감과 몰입감이 높은 영상입니다.

원작자 : hannel : VICE Sports 
채널 : VICE Sports

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(2016. 8. 4) Paper Dreams - Animated 360 Music Video

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2016. 8. 4.
Paper Dreams - Animated 360 Music Video

This is an animated 360° music video. The background music is Paper Dreams , a song written by W.E.R.D and featured by Ysatis Hernandez. This video is very colorful and  its text animation is also cool. For me, the best part was an animated rapper.
Which part is your favorite?

W.E.R.DPaper Dreams360°애니메이션 뮤직비디오로 만들었습니다.
노래의 몽환적인 느낌에 맞춰 표현된 다양한 그래픽, 애니메이션 등의 시각효과가 눈길을 끕니다.
그림으로 그려진 사람이 랩에 맞춰서 움직이는 장면이 인상 깊은데요, 여러분은 어떤 부분이 제일
마음에 드시나요

Director : Alexis Benter & Kendall Robertson

감독타이슨 새들러코리 트랜
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(2016. 8. 3) Jared Leto Tour Guides Alaska's Melting Glaciers in 360°: Act In Paris

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2016. 8. 3.
Jared Leto Tour Guides Alaska's Melting Glaciers in 360°: Act In Paris

The Sierraclub and RYOT shows change of Alaska 
because of the Global warming. 
Today’s video narrated by Jared Leto is a VR documentary 
which delivers important message.

시에라클럽과 RYOT가 급격한 지구온난화로 인해 
얼음이 녹아 내리는 알래스카의 모습을 VR 영상으로 담았습니다.
헐리우드의 유명 배우 자레드 레토의 나레이션을 더하여 
더 힘 있는 스토리와 현장감을 생생하게 느낄 수 있는 VR 다큐멘터리입니다.

Director : Tyson Sadler, Cory Tran

감독: 타이슨 새들러, 코리 트랜

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Can Google VR’s dream come true?

< Credit: Google VR official homepage>

In 2014, Google released “Google Cardboard” 
which let you enjoy VR videos very cheaply. 
It received attention for its low price and easy accessibility. 

On the other hand it was not able to follow 
other HMD for its depth and quality. 
Google cardboard used Google Play Store as its platform. 
However, Google Play Store was not a VR platform but a platform for mobile. 
So Daydream is a new VR platform that Google is trying to make. 

 Many experts expected Google to open 
its own mobile Headset or Project Tango Sensor 
(Device which provides smartphone augmented reality experience
 faster and smoother) in Google I/O 2016. 

Google, however, released a platform more like Oculus Gear VR. 
Daydream is a VR platform which will run in Google’s next generation mobile OS.
In this platform developers can develop all sorts of applications 
and games for VR device. Daydream. 
I guess it’s a nice name for this platform.

It seems quite similar to Oculus Gear VR and Google Play Store. 
Daydream is not compatible with existing smartphones. 
If you planned to buy a new smartphone 
then you should wait a little bit, don’t you think so?

Daydream is a VR ecosystem which embraces both software and hardware.
It seems like Google is trying to occupy VR market 
by cooperating with manufacturers in open source 
as they did for the mobile OS.

Is Daydream compatible with all kind of mobile? The answer is no.
The existing mobiles are not compatible. 
It will be applied from the next OS which name is “Android N”. 
As Daydream needs processor and OS 
which can implement high-capacity,
it is planning a certification named “Daydream ready”.

Good news is that Daydream will be compatible with smartphones 
that has obtained “Daydream ready” certification such as LG, Xiaomi, and HTC 
while Samsung Oculus Gear VR only works with Samsung mobile.
< Credit: Google VR official homepage>

Furthermore, we must talk about Google’s standalone VR headset and controller.
Many experts are looking forward whether Google’s standalone VR headset 
will be better than the already existing HMD devices.
It seems to include Head Tracking technology and 
it will be more wearable than Google cardboard.
The controller which looks like a remote control is composed of 
touch pad and two buttons and it provide motion control.
< Credit: Google VR official homepage>

If you put a compatible mobile in the headset 
then you can see a virtual world where contents float.
It seems pretty like main scene of Gear VR. 
You can play apps or VR videos by VR controller for Daydream. 
This platform will become a center that promotes various new contents.

Lastly, the most exciting part is that you can still receive phone calls or text messages 
while you put your smartphone in VR HMD. 
I hope this function to be realized soon.

According to Google from Google I/O 2016, 
you might be able to meet Daydream probably between September and October.
Will Daydream which Google is preparing ambitiously 
become a daydream or a front-runner of Software and hardware platform?

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How much do you know about VR devices?

It is no exaggeration to say that 2016 
is the year of virtual reality and augmented reality. 
Not only the government but also major global companies 
are thinking VR and AR as major business. 

However, VR or AR is not a new word made in 2016. 
The beginning of VR goes back to 19th century. 
The first VR device is known as Ivan Edward Sutherland’s HMD (Head Mounted Display) 
who studied Computer engineering in The University of Utah. 
His HMD was hanged in ceiling because of its weight. 

< Credit: Kidult it>

The first progress of HMD was Eric Howlett’s 140 degree viewing angle HMD in 1983. 
After that NASA invented 120 degree viewing angle HMD in 1985. 
However, there were still limits in display technology

< Credit: The Boston Globe>

In 1990, development of LCD technology influenced the development of HMD. 
Despite of HMD’s steady development, it was not a familiar device to the public. 
Now, however, HMD became more portable, simple and various. 
We can divide its kind into three large groups: Mobile HMD, PC HMD and Console HMD.

The most generalized device in each group might be 
Samsung Gear VR, Oculus rift and Sony PlayStation VR.

Leader of Mobile HMD, Samsung Gear VR

< Credit: Samsung Electronics Co. Blog>

Samsung Gear VR is a mobile HMD 
which is only compatible with Galaxy smartphone. 
The first Gear VR was opened with Galaxy note 4 and 
was only compatible with Galaxy note 4. 

After that, it keep expanded its compatible devices and finally 
the third model was compatible with Galaxy note 5, 
Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge.

Gear VR was not made by Samsung alone, but with Oculus VR. 
Samsung is expected to release its new Gear VR 
which will be only compatible with Galaxy note 7 in September. 

Also, according to SamMobile which is a specialized site for Samsung, 
Samsung is already developing its own standalone VR HMD. 
This will be a high-end HMD. 
The basic specification of the released Gear VR is like below.

Leader of PC HMD, Oculus Rift

< Credit: Oculus VR>

Oculus is famous for a company which has been taken over 
by Facebook for $2 billion.
That probably means that Mark Zuckerberg saw Oculus VR’s possibility. 
Oculus which was found by Palmer Luckey in 2012 
received huge funding by Kickstarter.

The first Oculus Rift was DK1 which was a SDK (Software Development Kit). 
The next device was also a SDK named DK2 and 
finally the Oculus Rift available for consumers was revealed in January 2016, 
4 years after its establishment. 

However, South Korea was excluded from the list of the global markets 
because of some policy problems. 
When the Korean consumers heard this news 
many were very disappointed. 

According to the recent news, however, Oculus obtained certification on July 11. 
The release price is now $599, about 71 million won

Leader of Console HMD, Sony PlayStation VR

< Credit: Sony>

The formal title of Sony project Morpheus is Sony PlayStation VR. 
Like many other HMD, Sony also took a long time until its release in October. 
Even though you need PlayStation 4 for a perfect play, 
Sony PlayStation VR was sold out in Japan’s presale 
because of its low price ($299) compared to the others.

Especially, ‘summer lesson’ one of Sony’s games 
becomes so popular with males when its demo video was opened. 
As Sony is preparing 50 more high-quality contents including EA, 
Starwards many consumers are looking forward to it.

Besides, various VR, AR devices will be released 
in the second half of this year and next year.

Don’t you think that virtual reality and augmented reality 
which felt so far will slightly melt into our life soon?

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360 cameras at a glance

<Credit: Youtube>
What is the most attractive part of 360 degree camera? 
Would it be more Plentiful if you take your daily life with 360 degree camera? 
Maybe we can record the part which we were not able to see at that time.

Facebook and Youtube already supports for 360 degree video 
which is a 360 degree panorama video. 
360 degree technology is not only for specialist anymore. 
General users are also able to take 360degree videos 
thanks to the various 360 VR cameras.

360 video is a video version of panorama pictures. 
You had to fix several cameras like GoPRo in a special camera rig 
if you wanted to take 360 degree video before. 
After taking a video it took a lot of time to stitch 
each video so it looks like one video.
<파노노카메라 / Credit: abcnews.go.com>

Now, however, you can take a video with one camera 
and send it right to your mobile or PC and watch your own 360 video. 
Even its price is very cheap.

In 2011, Panono 360 Camera which received Crowd funding 
in Indiegogo was famous because it was able to take a panoramic photography. 
If you throw this baseball sized camera in the air, 
then it takes a panoramic image in its highest point.

Now here we have a technology which you can take 
a 360 degree video not only photography. 
There are more various products already released 
except well-known Samsung Gear360, LG360Cam.

There are many kind of products from affordable cameras 
from 10 million won to high-end product which is about 7,000 million won. 

<Amkov AMK-100S / Credit: 360camerasforums.com>

<LUNA360CAMERA / Credit: luna.camera>

<LG 360 CAM / Credit: LG>

<Gear 360 / Credit: Samsung electronics>

<Ricoh theta S / Credit: Google image>

<LucidCam / Credit: Google image>

<V.360 / Credit: Google image>

<Nikon keymission360 / Credit: Nikon official>

<Giroptic 360cam / Credit: Giroptic official>

<Allie cam / Credit: Google image>

<360FLY / Credit: Google image>

<BUBLCAM / Credit: Google image>

<360 eyeora / Credit: Google image>

<Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K / Credit: Google image>

<VUZE Camera / Credit: Google image>

<Sphericam 2 / Credit: Google image>

 <GoPro Omni / Credit: Google image>

<GoPro Odyssey / Credit: Google image>

<Facebook surround 360 / Credit: Google image>

<Nokia OZO / Credit: Google image>

Nikon Keymission 360 and Lucid Cam are scheduled to go on sale soon. 
The most famous camera might be Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam and Ricoh theta S.

We prepared some real videos taken by each camera above. 
It will be easier to compare. Now, let’s go and make my own 360 video right now!

lVideo made by Gear 360: https://youtu.be/d_5Pr6qiwS0
lViedeo made by LG360Cam: https://youtu.be/xjLgxLisx9E
lVideo made by Ricoh theta S: https://youtu.be/Mnf15KwPV-Q

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