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(2016. 8. 13) Michelle Obama 360

2016. 8. 13. Michelle Obama 360

An exclusive virtual reality interview with
First Lady Michelle Obama on how she mastered social media. 

Not only the interview with the first lady 
but also many nice and original animated text 
is the things that you must focus. 

Channel : The Verge 

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2016년 8월 12일 금요일

All about Oculus

<Credit: Oculus Rift>

Oculus received about $2.8 billion from 9,522 people by uploading their project in the Kickstarter in 2012. Then two years after in 2014, they were acquired by Facebook in $2 billion.

The history of Oculus is not that long. Oculus has begun from a boy who loved game and had passion for it. Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, begun to collect VR devices from the age of 15. At that time he was a representative of ModRetro which was a community assembling vintage game console and a student attending local junior college. He might be the one who has collected the most various VR HMDs.

<Palmer Luckey/ Credit: Techcrunch>

However, he was not able to find a perfect HMD that he was looking for, so he began to make his own VR HMD. If he was alone, however, Oculus might not have been born.
One of the most important person for Palmer Luckey was John Carmack, the genius programmer, who played an important role for Oculus.  John Carmack is the co-founder of id Software and made Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Quake.

John Carmack became interested in VR when he begin to make FPS game named Rage. He tried all kinds of HMD but none of them satisfied him because of its slow reaction speed or high price. This brought John Carmack to Palmer Luckey.

< Credit : Oculus VR Korea>

John Carmack applied his Doom3 into Palmer’s VR HMD and revealed it in E3 id Software Booth for the first time in 2012. After that, Palmer Luckey established Oculus VR.

This Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook and it gained more recognition. The effort of wo people who loved game and tried to make a better VR HMD made us possible to enjoy VR in better quality and price.
Oculus DK 1
<Oculus DK1/ Credit: Oculus>

The first software development came out after they were funded by Kickstarter named Oculus DK1. This device was not perfect. It was better than the first product which they opened in E3 but tracking service was not available and there were still a screen door effect. However, this first kit was enough to show off the possibility of Oculus and it was much better than any existed HMD at that time.
Oculus DK 2
<Oculus DK2 / Credit: Oculus>

The second SDK was released one week before Oculus was acquired by Facebook. They supplemented many defects from DK1 and it included an external camera for tracking system. DK2 is the newest SDK. Oculus VR didn’t released DK3 but it opened Oculus Rift Crescent Bay. Oculus Rift Crescent Bay is known as the prototype that is most similar to that for consumer.
<Oculus Rift Crescent bay / Credit: Oculus >

Then on January 2016, Oculus VR begin a presale of Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift is the first consumer version HMD. It took almost 4 years after Oculus was founded. However, South Korea was not included in the list of markets where the Oculus Rift will initially ship. When somebody asked Palmer Luckey about this his simple answer was an issue “ government regulation”.

Many people were surprised because South Korea was the first branch in foreign country except America. That Oculus Korea released Gear VR with Samsung on November 2015 and as their third model was released in half price than the previous devices it is considered as a product that popularized VR HMD. Also it was sold out in presale period so it proved that consumers were thirsty for VR devices.

<Credit: Oculus>

There was a rumor that Oculus Korea is going to withdraw from Korea. However, it was not true. According to Newspim the person from Facebook Korea said about reducing the personnel that “It is not true that we Oculus is withdraing from Korea market because of the contract end and we will focus more in market extension.” So anybody who was concerned about withdrawal of Oculus doesn’t need to.  

Nevertheless, one thing still remains. Which government regulation made Oculus to except Korea from the list? Specialist in this field assumed that the reason can be “radio wave certification problem.” 

However, you don’t need to worry because according to the National Radio Research Agency, Oculus have already received three type of wave certification of specific low power radio wireless machine. This included not only headset but also location movement tracking sensor and remote control. Therefore we can expect to see Oculus Rift in Korea soon.

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(2016. 8. 12) 1941 Battle: 360° Reenactment

2016. 8. 12. 1941 Battle: 360° Reenactment

By. Google Play & World of Tank

Now we are in Wolrd War 2!! Immerse to where things are continued to be tense! You can watch diverse tanks used at that time back in 1941. We invite you to the best immersion and reality. 

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2016년 8월 10일 수요일

Summer Lesson in October: Sony Playstation VR

Which one do you prefer among VR, AR and MR(Mixed Reality? I guess AR and MR can be preferd for our daily use because VR is about virtual reality. However for those who really love game can think differently. Of course they can also expect about AR and MR but what is important in game? Isn’t it more fun when you fully immerse in virtual world?
<사진출처: QUARTZ>

Most People who love games will probably wait for Sony PlaystationVR. Sony project Morpheus will be more familiar with many people. This project’s official name is PlaystationVR. 
One of the reason that many people waiting for playstationVR is because of its well-made VR contents such as ‘Summer lesson’ and ‘Hatsune miku VR’
As Sony had released various HMDs until now, it seems like Sony has put all their know-how to this playstation VR
<Sony HMD HMZ-T1 / Credit: Sony>

<Sony HMD HMZ-T2 / Credit: Sony >

< Sony HMD HMZ-T3 / Credit: The Verge>

< Sony Playstation VR/ Credit: Sony>

The specification of playstation VR is like below. According to specialists, tracking technology is known to be very good.
Display: OLED 5.7”
Resolution(picture): 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080 per eye)
Scanning rate: 120Hz, 90Hz
sensor: 360degree tracking / 9LEDs
Viewing Angle: about 100degree
Latency: below 18ms
Operate: DualShock4, PS MOVE
        <Credit :Sony>

The release day and the price of the Sony PlaystationVR has been opened in the E3 which is a Game exhibition held on June 2016 in LA. It will be released on October and its price will be $399. PlaystationVR seems to win in price competition compared to Oculus Rift ($599) and HTC Vive($800), but you have to remember that this price doesn’t include PS camera($59) which is needed if you want to fully enjoy PSVR and move controller($49).
Furthermore, if you don’t have a PS4  then the price will be more added so it can be burden for some people.
<Credit: Google image>

Despite its high price, many people are waiting for PSVR which will provide not only games of previous PS4 but also 50 more contents such as Summerlesson, EA. So are you in?

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(2016. 8. 11) Virtual 360˚ tour of the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game

2016. 8. 11. Virtual 360˚ tour of the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game

Today’s WAVRP is about 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game. You can experience compilation piece from the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star weekend. This video is awesome because it also takes you to the private place where you could not enter such as player’s locker room. You can only experience it in this 360  tour video!

Channel :NHL 

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Long journey full of experience,Samsung electronic's VR HMD : Odyssey

It is sure that VR and AR is a trend these days. Many companies have invested astronomical amount of money to startup and venture companies as they thought VR and AR as an attractive future item. But it is not a future item anymore.
This movement was also active in domestic market. Samsung and LG has released VR HMD and VR camera steadily. Especially Samsung’s Gear VR which was made with Oculus become popular. There are also galaxy experience zone in Rio so that the local and tourist can experience Gear VR.    

1st generation Gear VR_ SM-R320
The first generation VR was first opened with Galaxy note 4 in 2014 and released on January 2015. It was very limited because it was only compatible with Galaxy note 4.

2nd generation Gear VR_ SM-R321
Then, Gear VR for Galaxy S6 was released. It was still limited because it was only compatible with S6 and S6edge. However, it was much more developed in picture quality and ergonomic design that help you to immerse into virtual reality. Not only the hardware but also the contents such as oculus cinema, oculus 360 photo was upgraded too.

3rd generation Gear VR_ SM-R322

This is the most recent Gear VR which is compatible with Galaxy S6 series, Galaxy note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7edge. Do you remember Samsung’s unpacked conference 2016 held in Barcelona Spain that become famous because Mark Zuckerberg suddenly appeared. This third edition was released in half price than the previous model and was sold out. 

4th generation Gear VR_ SM-R323 
According to Venturebeat SM-R323 which is probably the name of next Gear VR’s model was captured in India’s import and export data named Zauba. It is assumed that this might be a Gear VR which is compatible with Galaxy note 7 that will be opened in unpacked conference in New York on August 2.
Many experts are curious about the USB port of next Gear VR because the Galaxy note 7 is known as supporting USB Type-C which can be plugged in any direction. It also provide fast charging and data transmission speed. For this reason, the experts are analyzing the new Gear VR might support USB Type-C. On the other hand, American business magazine Forbes online analyzed that the hardware specifications of SM-R323 will not much different and the more upgraded Gear VR will be released next year.
< Credit: moneytoday>
Actually, there was a news that Samsung electronics applied for a patent of its stand-alone type VR HMD’s trademark and Logo with the Korean Intellectual Property Office on July 20th.  Samsung announced publicly on April in the Samsung developers conference 2016 that they are developing a stand-alone VR HMD which work without Galaxy smartphone.
This VR HMD is called ‘Odyssey’. This headset doesn’t need smartphone and it will mount location tracking technology, hand and gesture tracking technology. It is assumed that it will be a high-end product for reaction of Oculus Rift or HTC VIVE.
Then why did Samsung named it Odyssey? It is one of Greek mythology about Odysseus who ventured for 10 years. There are also many product which name is Odyssey: Honda Odyssey and several male cosmetics. Odyssey means a long journey full of experience. Samsung Gear VR begin its journey long time ago and they are still going on. Therefore Odyssey might be the perfect name for Gear VR. 

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(2016. 8. 10) Portal 2 - 360° Video - Want You Gone Acapella

2016. 8. 10. 
Portal 2 - 360° Video - Want You Gone Acapella
This is a 360° video of MrDooves cover of Portal2-Want you Gone in Acappella. It sounds like a real robot. 
You can be surrounded by many Mr Dooves and listen his Acapella only through this video! This special experience will
Provide you a great Immersion and Reality.

혼자서 여러 소리를 내어 화음과 노래를 만드는 아카펠라로 유명한 MrDooves가 부른 게임 Portal 2의 수록곡 Want you Gone.입니다.
여러 명의 Mr Dooves가 사방에서 당신을 둘러싸고 부르는 아카펠라는 굉장한 몰입감과 현장감을 선사합니다.

By. Mr Dooves and F1shard

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Title: Iron Man to the real world: Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

<Credit: Google image>

The movie Iron Man have shown us the future of AR. It is not a far future story anymore. It has come very close to us. VR brings us to a full virtual reality through HMD.
Therefore,  “Immersion” which makes you fully concentrate on virtual reality separated from the real world is very important. On the other hand,  “sense of reality” is an important keyword in AR because it works based on real world.

Then what is MR(Mixed Reality)? It is a technology that merges VR’s immersion and AR’s sense of reality.

Microsoft HoloLens is based on AR technology. The hardware of Microsoft HoloLens is slightly different from the hardware of Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift. VR HMD completely covers your eyes as it must lead you to the virtual reality. Holo Lens, however, is made with translucent screen as AR is a technology that put virtual contents on top of the real world.

<Credit: Microsoft official homepage>

Two light engine of HoloLens emit light pieces million times per second and make images. What we see is the reflected image from the transparent display.
The HoloLens hardware is consist of several cameras that helps to recognize surroundings to reflect the real world, depth sensor, light sensor and microphone. Its capacity is 64GB. Also its internal rechargeable battery last about 2-3 hours of active use.

<Credit: Microsoft official homepage>

The world that Microsoft is dreaming through the HoloLens might be quite similar to that of the movie Iron Man. We can enjoy not only game and entertainment but also shopping, interior and email through Microsoft Holo Lens probably.

<Credit: Microsoft official homepage>

Until now, there are only developer’s version so consumers should wait a bit more. Oculus Rift also took long time to apply improvements  after they released the developer’s kit The price of developer’s kit is about 3million won. So it will take a long time for AR to be generalized in our real world.

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2016년 8월 8일 월요일

(2016. 8. 9) Do you want to be a Sweden’s Idol?

2016. 8. 9. 
Do you want to be a Sweden’s Idol?

This is the hit show Idol Sweden’s first test 360 video. 
It will make you feel as if you were in a real audition program.
Let’s watch this interesting VR video!

스웨덴의 인기 프로그램 ‘아이돌 스웨덴(Idol Sverige)’의 촬영현장을 담은 VR입니다! 
이 영상은 마치 여러분이 오디션의 참가자인 듯한 느낌을 주는 아주 재미있는 VR 영상입니다. 

Channel : Idol Sverige

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Title: From VR, AR to MR(Mixed Reality): Magic Leap

< Credit: Magic Leap>

The Word VR and AR is familiar to us.  However, did you ever heard of MR?
Recently MR(Mixed Reality) which is a mixed version of AR and VR is a rising star these days.
MR is a technology that has mixed each advantage of VR and AR: Immersion into virtual reality and sense of reality of Augmented reality.
Especially, MR can be confused with AR. The one big keyword that divide AR and MR is “interaction”.
When AR’s digital content is put on top of your real world, MR’s digital content interacts with your real world.

 The most popular startup company with MR technology is Magic Leap. Magic Leap is well-known by receiving about 1.3 billion dollars from top investing companies in Silicon Valley including Google and Ali Baba even though they didn’t released an official product yet.
 Nothing was unveiled except it is related to MR even though Magic Leap received huge amount of money. On June 2015, however, three core manpower of Magic Leap talked about Magic Leap and SDK(Software Development Kit) in Em Tech Digital conference which MIT Technology Review had hold.
< Credit: Magic Leap>

 Have you ever seen Magic Leap’s demo video?
Jellyfish flies the space and a robot is hanged under the desk. Also the three-dimensional solar system is up in the office. A whale come out from the gym and a tiny baby elephant which is in the palm moves. 
< Credit: Magic Leap>

 Magic Leap uses a wave guide to overlap three-dimensional image on real world object like Microsoft HoloLense. We call this AR but Microsoft or Magic Leap call this MR.
 Magic Leap’s goggle is translucent and it uses Photonic lightfield chip which is Magic Leap’s mysterious technology. According to Magic Leap, it also took a long time for the developers to state the meaning of “Photonic lightfield chip”. The CEO of Magic Leap state this chip as a three-dimensional wafer light element consist of very small structure and ultimately manage the stream of photo that makes digital light field signal.
< Credit: Magic Leap>

Many people are still curious about Magic Leap because it didn’t revealed  itself that much.  
According to VentureBeat, Magic Leap and Disney has a secret lab in San francisco. It is assumed that Magic Leap is trying to do a project by inviting developers before its launching.

Many people already  have seen and tried the technology of Magic Leap but they can’t talk about it because they wrote a confidentiality agreement.  Therefore the only thing that we can do is waiting until Magic Leap is fully charged.

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2016년 8월 7일 일요일


2016. 8. 8. 

Samsung organized a team in England.  This video makes you think as if you were actually together with the Rugby Legends, Lawrence Dallaglio, Martin Johnson, and Jason Leonard. Learn from the lesson when they are trying to teach Jack Whitehall(comedian) to recreate England’s famous drop goal!

삼성이 영국에서 주관하는 럭비 교육 현장을 VR영상으로 담았습니다. 럭비계의 레전드인 로렌스 댈라글리오, 마틴 존슨 그리고 제이슨 레오나르드와 실제로 함께 있는 듯한 착각을 불러 일으킬 만큼 현장감과 몰입감이 뛰어난 영상입니다. 과연 그들이 코미디언 잭 화이트홀을 영국 최고의 선수로 만들어낼 수 있을까요? 

Channel : Samsung UK 

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(2016. 8. 7) 360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl

2016. 8. 7. 
360 Google Spotlight Story: Pearl

A 1983 Chevy Citation ,a beloved hatchback, Pearl follows a gril and her single guitar-playing dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It’s a story about who you love, how you love, and finding grace in the unlikeliest of places. Warm storyline and animation is the best part of this video.

기타 치는 아버지와 어린 딸이 차를 타고 여행하면서 음악을 만들며 꿈을 향해 나아가는 이야기… 또한 부모님으로부터 물려받는 선물과 그들이 전해주는 사랑 그리고 뜻하지 않은 곳에서 발견하는 축복에 대해 이야기하는 애니메이션 VR 영화입니다. 따뜻한 스토리와 애니메이션 이 돋보이는 영상입니다.

원작자 : Patrick Osborne 

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(2016. 8. 6) Brandhärd - Umarm sie (360° Video)

2016. 8. 6. 
Brandhärd - Umarm sie (360° Video)

This is a 360°music video of Brandhärd’s song named Umarm sie. Many people and places appeared with special visual effects will make your heart warm. 

스위스의 힙합 그룹 Brandhärd의 노래 Umarm sie의 뮤직비디오입니다. 
다양한 장소와 다양한 사람들이 특유의 시각적 효과와 함께 
노래와 잘 어우러져 따뜻한 감성을 불러 일으키는 영상입니다. 

360도 뮤직비디오는 일반 뮤직비디오와는 다른 느낌을 선사할까요?
음악과 함께 감상해보시죠!

Director : Samuel Flueckiger

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